Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Torrado Through Time

Torrado has appeared in comics before, back before we bought the title from Miracle Comics.
Torrado was a webseries about the benevolent "Mogans" versus the malevolent "Packeists".


Attuk-5 appeared as a simply drawn robotic life-form and had a much better sense of humor than the current incarnation exhibits. This version of Attuk also had less of a color palette.


The old Torrado was depicted as a grey lump with a head, legs and patches. He was smarter then Attuk and would either ignore or brush off Attuk's attempts at humor.


The old dynamic was weak sarcastic guy (Attuk) and brute intelligence (Torrado). The new dynamic is basically reversed, with Attuk as a tough veteran resistance fighter and Torrado as a somewhat clueless overgrown dog. But that doesn't mean that the older dynamic won't be explored a bit in the new comic. As the 4-page short story in the back of Issue#1 showed, younger Attuk had more of a wiseguy attitude. Will this show through later? We'll have to see.


Old Nurse Kafor

New Nurse Kafor

Nurse Kafor was updated for Issue#1's hospital scenes, as you can see here.

Old Nattuk-2
New Nattuk-2

Old Blast-8
New Blast-8
The two Resistance members Attuk meets are also from the old comic, albeit with new and improved designs.


There are more updated Torrado characters on their way in Issue#2! Be sure to look out for these two characters in the future:

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Torrado Issue#2 - Preview

Three exclusive preview pages from Torrado#2, currently in production.
Each page is pedantically pencilled by Ivory Ink, and then the page gets handed off to Shadez who colors every character and also sets up the lighting.
It's Torrado as it was always meant to be!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Torrado#2 Will Be In Color!

After the release of the first issue, Shadez has been pushing for a fully colored Torrado comic, and we've decided to upgrade the visuals to full color, after realizing that some might not understand that the main story, which takes up 24 of the first issue's pages, only has occasional splashes of color in it. So, instead of making Torrado all black and white, we decided to make the main story colored.

Does this mean Ivory Ink will no longer be drawing the pages? No. Ivory Ink will still be personably penciling the issues, so don't expect too much of a break in continuity from the art style of the first book. As you can see from the sneak peek image up top, the art has everything that it had before-- but now it has one more thing.

So be sure to pick up Torrado#2 when it comes out, (sometime within the next few months)!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Torrado#1 Now Available to Order Online

Torrado#1 is now available online! Order it now, by clicking the image!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Torrado Issue#2 is Coming!

Torrado Issue#2

Synopsis: Attuk-5 is locked in a Pack-controlled prison called the Strongbox, as part of a scheme Attuk concocted to make the most out of Torrado's newfound freedom.


Price: n/a
Digital Price: $.99
Page Count: 24
Full Color? Yes.

Deviant Edition
Description: The deviant edition includes extensive behind the scenes interviews, concept art, sketches, and annotations.


Price: n/a
Digital Price: $1.99

Page Count: 44
Color? No.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exclusive Sketch of Attuk-5

Available along with select purchases of Torrado#1 is an exclusive sketch of Attuk-5, drawn in a slightly different style, by Ivory Ink. If you didn't get this sketch with your order, don't worry! At some point in time we'll be giving out these sketches at a convention or some such event, where you can get it signed!

Anyway, even if you don't receive this sketch with your order, here's your chance to see it.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The First Issue Is Complete

Torrado's first issue is done! As in, all the pages have been drawn, scanned, enhanced, printed, fixed, scanned, touched-up, printed, shaded, scanned and enhanced. However, that doesn't mean it's available to buy yet.

When it's up online, you'll be able to get Torrado#1 as a digital download for $0.99, but we have yet to receive official pricing information about ordering a printed copy. When Torrado#1 is available to purchase online, we'll post a link right here on the website, and you'll also be able to access the link via the Timeline of Comics page up in the Pages tab.

Until then, Happy Winter Holidays.

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