Friday, February 1, 2013

Torrado#2 Will Be In Color!

After the release of the first issue, Shadez has been pushing for a fully colored Torrado comic, and we've decided to upgrade the visuals to full color, after realizing that some might not understand that the main story, which takes up 24 of the first issue's pages, only has occasional splashes of color in it. So, instead of making Torrado all black and white, we decided to make the main story colored.

Does this mean Ivory Ink will no longer be drawing the pages? No. Ivory Ink will still be personably penciling the issues, so don't expect too much of a break in continuity from the art style of the first book. As you can see from the sneak peek image up top, the art has everything that it had before-- but now it has one more thing.

So be sure to pick up Torrado#2 when it comes out, (sometime within the next few months)!

-- [obliterated]