Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Torrado Through Time

Torrado has appeared in comics before, back before we bought the title from Miracle Comics.
Torrado was a webseries about the benevolent "Mogans" versus the malevolent "Packeists".


Attuk-5 appeared as a simply drawn robotic life-form and had a much better sense of humor than the current incarnation exhibits. This version of Attuk also had less of a color palette.


The old Torrado was depicted as a grey lump with a head, legs and patches. He was smarter then Attuk and would either ignore or brush off Attuk's attempts at humor.


The old dynamic was weak sarcastic guy (Attuk) and brute intelligence (Torrado). The new dynamic is basically reversed, with Attuk as a tough veteran resistance fighter and Torrado as a somewhat clueless overgrown dog. But that doesn't mean that the older dynamic won't be explored a bit in the new comic. As the 4-page short story in the back of Issue#1 showed, younger Attuk had more of a wiseguy attitude. Will this show through later? We'll have to see.


Old Nurse Kafor

New Nurse Kafor

Nurse Kafor was updated for Issue#1's hospital scenes, as you can see here.

Old Nattuk-2
New Nattuk-2

Old Blast-8
New Blast-8
The two Resistance members Attuk meets are also from the old comic, albeit with new and improved designs.


There are more updated Torrado characters on their way in Issue#2! Be sure to look out for these two characters in the future:

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