Attuk-5 is a member of the Resistance who has been fighting the pack for five years. He originally was a weapons smuggler until he was discovered by the Pack. In the years that he was on the run, he developed an extensive knowledge of the Pack. It is so extensive, in fact, that he prefers to keep his vast experience a secret.

Torrado is an x-mech who, like all x-mechs, was under the control of the Controller. Torrado's life was an especially sad one, yet he remains an optimist, and though over time his steroid-infected mind has lost much of it's former brainpower, he is still able to communicate and even remembers some of his life before he was abducted by the Pack.

The Controller is a Pack scientist who is in charge of all the x-mechs. Each x-mech has a chip impanted, or in the cases of older x-mechs, collars placed around their necks, that allow the Controller to control them. The Controller also acts as a spy for the Pack, since any tech that has a chip secretly implanted can be controlled by him. He has a bit of a past with Attuk-5, although the details are still unclear as of yet...

Blast-8 is a high ranking official who is partners with Nattuk-2. They both operate a Resistance safehouse located in Cero, the City of Dreams. Even though they don't always get along, over the months they've spent guarding the safehouse, Blast-8 and Nattuk-2 have become friends.

Poor Nattuk-2 thought it was going to be just another boring day guarding the safehouse until Attuk-5 showed up and demonstrated quite extremely to Nattuk that Nattuk was being controlled by the Controller. Now Nattuk is in the hospital, and it is not clear whether he'll make it through.

Nurse Kafor works in a hospital near Cero. She doesn't ask questions of her patients, but can be a little terse sometimes when delivering bad news.